Bare Bones released Yojimbo 3.0 with iPad synchronisation

Yojimbo 3.0 is Bare Bones Software’s Personal Information Manager for the Mac. It’s one of the best PIMs out there, and version 3.0 makes it better again. Yojimbo now has the ability to create a web site with items you select, has the capability to synchronise with Yojimbo on an iPad, and allows you to scan images into its database.

A PIM like Yojimbo usually gets used as an information repository. Yojimbo is great at that, and version 3.0 makes it greater yet. It now also offers the ability to scan images directly from any TWAIN scanner. There is a caveat, though: you can’t control the scanner, and that is to be taken literally. There’s no way even to crop the image, so the scanner just scans the whole flatbed surface, even if your image is much smaller. Still, for scanning in receipts or letters, it’s a great feature.

Yojimbo must be the only PIM on Mac OS X that also exports its information in URL format, using “Sidekick”. With Sidekick turned on you can export links to your complete database to a web page. You can also select specific information items using tags. The beauty of Sidekick is that its generated web pages contain URLs to your files — on your system — but also the actual links to web pages if you store Web Archives or bookmarks in Yojimbo.

The iPad synchronisation feature is of course version 3.0’s main new feature. This by itself makes Yojimbo 3.0 a must-have — the functionality of Yojimbo on a device like the iPad: it simply is a match made in heaven.