Path Finder 6 tutorials

Path Finder 6 is Cocoatech’s newest Finder replacement application. It has a large number of new and improved features and can be used not only as a Finder replacement, but as a powerful general purpose file management tool as well.

Some features of Path Finder 6, however, aren’t all that clear-cut. Below you will find 4 tutorial screencasts that show you how to use Path Finder. They’re published in 720p/MP4 format. Feel free to download or play in your browser (you will need the QuickTime plug-in).

Path Finder 6 tutorials

Get the first tutorial on the Path Finder 6 sidebar here (04:45).

The second tutorial is on Path Finder 6 Tags (03:57).

The third tutorial discusses the Toolbar and Modules (11:47), and the fourth the Batch Rename capabilities (06:46) that turn Path Finder into a really powerful general purpose file manager. These two screencasts require payment of a small fee.

We also reviewed Path Finder 6.

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  1. Al says

    It now works but it’s annoying that to view it I have to share it on FB first.

    You haven’t mentioned that in your text about the link (you do mention the payment option for links 3 & 4) and really, it would be more consistent to offer the first link free and the option of either the payment or FB for links 2-4.

    As much as I love your work, I don’t share tech stuff with family on FB, so I would prefer to pay if that’s how you want to do it.

    • Erik Vlietinck says

      First off, thanks for your comment and my apologies for not being more sociable — I am not the most sociable person in the world…

      Now let me first explain why I’m doing this: I currently am back at having only IT Enquirer as a source of income, so there are two things that are very important to me now: traffic and people willing to pay a small amount so that — at the end of the month — I hopefully can pay the bills. So far, none of the stuff that I have tried (and I know: others are successful, but sorry, I’m not) has resulted in either more traffic (stuck at 45K- 60K visitors per month; none of whom are “converting” into buyers) or more income.

      That is why I purchased Premise, the Landing Pages system and have for the first time tried out the social media “payment” system. Normally, you should find both a Twitter button and a Facebook button on the page. Clicking either one should forward you to the story or video.

      As for the Tinypass thing; that’s how I’m currently trying to get something back for my work. So far, however, I have earned 3 Euros — that’s THREE Euros. That won’t get me far, I’m sure everyone on the planet will agree. Also, charging even the slightest amount has already triggered comments that I can’t describe other than “troll”.

      A lot of people do NOT understand or want to understand that the content on this site costs me a lot of time and energy as I try to make a difference in both depth and objectivity. However, I can’t keep on doing this for naught, and if I can’t make this work income wise, IT Enquirer will at some point in time disappear.