DEVONthink 2.5 syncs and shares — better than ever

DEVONthink 2.5 accommodates the need for easy access to documents from any location with the new ability to synchronise databases between multiple computers and locations. It also features a rewritten web sharing for one-click collaboration.

Synchronisation in DEVONthink 2.5 connects directly to other copies of DEVONthink over a local network or VPN. But it can also save so-called “sync stores” on Dropbox, WebDAV or any mountable volume, such as a USB stick, portable hard disk, or a file server. Anyone who has access privileges can connect to the same sync store with just a few clicks, download databases, work offline with the data, and synchronise all local and/or remote changes at the press of a button or automatically. I tried this out myself and it works really great.

Synchronisation with DEVONthink

DEVONtechnologies claims that all data is protected by both access to the sync store itself and individual user names and password for each database. It’s also possible to keep databases in sync with more than one sync store, such as with a direct connection, Dropbox, as well as the company file server.

DEVONthink’s web sharing plugin provides a web interface to other users on the local network.  It has been rewritten to support several new features: in addition to browsing, searching, and downloading documents, web sharing now supports uploading, creating, renaming, moving, and trashing documents and editing text. Bonjour makes published databases easily accessible to everyone on the network without remembering long addresses. The web app is Cappuccino-based and has the look-and-feel of DEVONthink. It runs on all PC/Mac platforms, and even in Safari on the iPad.

web sharing interface

Paper capture features have been improved in DEVONthink Pro Office 2.5. Sheets can now be directly captured to the database without storing them into the paper capture window first, and you can first scan all even pages, then all odd pages of a pile of paper, and then shuffle them into the correct order.

Other improvements include better tagging support with a Tags column in document lists and an enhanced Tags field in the Info panel that makes tagging multiple items easy. Version 2.5 uses more standard editing options and brings a number of minor interface refinements such as fewer unnecessary alerts.