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Elgato Eve HomeKit accessories help you make home a healthier and secure place

eve room

Elgato Eve gathers data on air quality, temperature, humidity, air pressure, energy consumption and more. I received Eve Room and Eve Weather to try it out. Unique about Eve Room is its sensor for air quality, which works very accurately, as I was to discover soon. Eve is also unique in that it manages to comply with Apple’s stringent security requirements. As far as I know, it’s the only HomeKit accessory range that pulls off this trick over Bluetooth.

Let the Elgato Avea improve your mood

elgato avea

Home improvement and health monitoring — wellness for short — are the most exciting new markets for technology to tap into currently. Apple has its kits. Elgato has Avea, which is a combination of an iOS app and a LED lamp that can be switched on and off on command — a mood light.

Ergonis Software celebrates ten years of Typinator with new version 6.6

Typinator 6.6

With the release of version 6.6, Ergonis Software celebrates the tenth anniversary of Typinator, their text expander — my personal favourite. Along with the new version, Ergonis Software published two new Typinator sets for easy access to Apple’s Color Emoji font symbols introduced in OS X Yosemite 10.10.3. To celebrate Typinator’s tenth anniversary, Ergonis Software is offering a 25% discount on new purchases before July 15th, 2015. The offer is good for all Ergonis products, including PopChar and KeyCue.

Merlin Project has features for seriously complex project management

Merlin Project

It’s been a few years since I reviewed Merlin 2, the project management app for OS X. Merlin Project is its successor and it’s been improved in several areas, making it even more suitable for complex projects. Except for a new, beautifully designed interface, Merlin Project has new views, better reports, earned value analysis, powerful search and filter features and impressive export options. Merlin Project suits every type of project, whether it be the construction of a building, the making of a video documentary or the development of a new web site.

Micro Snitch warns when your Mac’s microphone or camera is spying on you

micro snitch

You don’t have to be paranoid anymore to be wary of your Mac’s built-in microphone and camera. Hackers have been known to have been using these built-in devices to make identity theft easier for them. And since we all know what the name Snowden stands for, we should be on our guard for governments and — why not — corporates as well. It’s easy to cover up an iMac’s camera with a piece of paper (although you also cover up its ambient light measuring sensor that way), but it’s a lot harder to really turn off the microphone and rest assured nobody will turn it on without you even be aware. The developer of Little Snitch just made that harder, though. Micro Snitch is a menu app that constantly monitors your cam and mic and alerts you when it gets turned on.

Fantastical 2, the natural-language mini calendar has grown up

Fantastical 2

Fantastical was the natural-language calendar replacement for the Mac. It used to be an unobtrusive, little calendar app that lived in your menu bar. The new version of this venerable calendar app is now a full-blown calendar with a mini edition included. It resembles the iPad version well but has a couple of neat extra tricks up its sleeve.

Creating a project management solution with MailTags 4, Mail Act-On 3 and OmniFocus Pro 2

MailTags, Mail Act-On, OmniFocus project management tutorial

Mailtags allows you to create tags in Apple Mail, which organise projects and tasks with tickle dates and alerts. Mail Act On lets you create rules for messages when you send them, or even before you send them. Finally, OmniFocus manages tasks and projects with or without a GTD background. How do you integrate the Mail plug-ins with OmniFocus 2 Pro to manage your projects is what you’ll learn in this free tutorial.