Review: Doxie Go! The 2nd generation

It’s Apparent’s second generation Doxie document scanner has become a wireless scanner that can scan without a Mac or PC in sight. It’s a bit smaller than its predecessor, comes with a laptop-style battery, a USB stick port and a SD card interface. Its base resolution is 300 dpi instead of 200 dpi and it’s a fast little bugger.

Apple updates Safari for stability

I can’t say Safari crashed a lot on my machine, but I definitely belonged to the group of people who experienced problems with hangs, and endless waiting for Safari to “get it” and allow me to view a page. Apple finally fixed the trouble with Safari through an update. Activity Monitor revealed what they did.

The background of iPhone 4S SIRI and what to expect from it

SIRI is Apple’s speech recognition technology. SIRI has an interesting background and history. The technology used in the product has been developed by Nuance who develop Dragon Dictate. And Nuance acquired its most valuable knowledge of linguistic speech recognition in the late 90s, with the acquisition of L&H, the Belgian firm that went bankrupt amidst stories of fraud.

Review: Astute Graphics VectorScribe

The makers of the award-winning Adobe Illustrator plug-in Phantasm CS have come up with a brilliant Illustrator plug-in that simplifies design and saves time. Their new plug-in VectorScribe amazes from start to finish. It not only simplifies and speeds up design but makes executing creative ideas a lot more fun too. After having played with it a couple of days it’s as if Illustrator has become a clumsy program.

Review: FontExplorer X Pro 3

FontExplorer X Pro 3 has many new features that belong in the “useful” department. In many respects, FontExplorer X Pro 3 is a fantastic tool for printers and font enthusiasts, with a Character Toolbox that calculates ink coverage, and a fantastic font book feature. It’s a bit less powerful for web font management.

Toon Boom adds 3D to its storyboarding range of applications

Storyboarding is an essential part of storytelling. Even if you’re not going to create a movie or an animation around your story, storyboarding can instantly clarify not only what you’re going to say but also how you’re going to say it. Toon Boom is a company that develops animation software, but their Storyboard range of products is a lot more than the intro to an animation story.

Review: Espresso 2

Hand-coding HTML, CSS, PHP, and other code that is used on the web is a breeze with Espresso 2. The new version has been freed from its original quirks and gained a number of nice new features in the process.

Review: BBEdit 10

For those who design and develop their web sites and scripts using a text editor, there’s great news: BBEdit has reached its tenth version, and that is reason enough to celebrate. Version 10 gets a facelift, some much needed new features such as package support, and some less needed novelties like being able to edit text files inside a compressed zip file without first decompressing.

Review: Twitterific for Mac

I tried almost every Twitter client and kept going back to Twitter in a browser. Until I tried Twitterific 4.4 yesterday. I’d tried Twitterific before, when version 2 came out. Twitterific 4.4 is the best way to tweet and follow your social interaction with fellow tweeters in my opinion.