Apparent introduces new take-it-with-you scanner

Doxie Go Plus or Wi-Fi

My test unit of the Doxie Go, released about three years ago, still works today, so why should I want to upgrade to one of the new models, the Doxie Go Plus or Go Wi-Fi? Well, for starters because Apparent offers one of the newer models at an upgrade price and I don’t even have to send the old one back. But there’s more: a better image quality should be part of the two new models, while the one that is really, really interesting has Wi-Fi.

Apple’s Mac App Store review process for a software update takes over 12 days and counting

Apple can’t do anything wrong. It’s a perfect company, with perfect people working on perfect products. In fact, Apple’s efforts to maintain perfection in everything they do is akin to the meddlesomeness of an old aunt who you should better not challenge for fear of being scrapped from her will.
This story is a report based on personal experience, although I am not the only one complaining — a whole bunch of Coda 2.x buyers are exceedingly becoming impatient with Apple’s review process that is on the border of silly.

GIS software is too complex for designers, or is it?

Screen Shot 2012-01-10 at 14.35.55

A map of a country in a paper atlas. That’s approximately how the 45+ of us imagine cartography, but in recent years maps have become more like visually rich compasses in a smartphone or a car GPS device. Maps were once designed by graphic designers. Today, they still are, but designers better make themselves familiar with GIS, polygon division, database linking, and other disciplines that have nothing to do with design.

The background of iPhone 4S SIRI and what to expect from it

SIRI is Apple’s speech recognition technology. SIRI has an interesting background and history. The technology used in the product has been developed by Nuance who develop Dragon Dictate. And Nuance acquired its most valuable knowledge of linguistic speech recognition in the late 90s, with the acquisition of L&H, the Belgian firm that went bankrupt amidst stories of fraud.

A look at the 2011 iMac range’s most powerful new feature: Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt is said to be the fastest way to get information in and out of your Mac and peripheral devices. At 10 Gb/sec, Intel’s Thunderbolt technology gives you high-speed data and display transfers upstream and downstream in full duplex — in each direction simultaneously. It uses a single cable to connect the Mac to a maximum of six devices. Most important of all, those Thunderbolt port(s) available on the recently released iMacs may soon turn the humble iMac into the most expandable Mac available.

Apple neglecting professional computer users?

Although the iPhone 4 has performance problems, it has a design and functionality that other manufacturers can only dream of. Unlike other mobile phone developers, Apple’s Siri acquisition will give it semantic analysis capabilities that are destined to improve user experiences by creating task-oriented, relevant application mashup functionality. With the acquisition, Apple successfully blocks others from obtaining the same functionality within a short timespan, but while the company concentrates on this sort of development, it is ignoring its most valuable resource: its Mac OS X developers and its own creations. In fact, in the eighties Apple introduced a concept of an intelligent software agent called “The Knowledge Navigator,” which described a user experience similar to the Siri application.

How important are Mac buyers to Apple?

In the last years, we have seen Apple busy developing iPod MP3 players, iPhone mobile phones, and PCs --in that order. The latest new Macs Apple conceived have been met with great enthusiasm but the finish and quality of build were less than what Mac users hoped for; cracked screens, problems with the graphics cards, […]