Creating a project management solution with MailTags 4, Mail Act-On 3 and OmniFocus Pro 2

MailTags, Mail Act-On, OmniFocus project management tutorial

Mailtags allows you to create tags in Apple Mail, which organise projects and tasks with tickle dates and alerts. Mail Act On lets you create rules for messages when you send them, or even before you send them. Finally, OmniFocus manages tasks and projects with or without a GTD background. How do you integrate the Mail plug-ins with OmniFocus 2 Pro to manage your projects is what you’ll learn in this free tutorial.

Path Finder 6 tutorials

Path Finder 6 tutorials

Some features of Path Finder 6 aren’t all that clear-cut. Take one of all of our four (4) tutorial screencasts that show you how to use Path Finder. Covered are the sidebar, toolbar and modules, tags, and batch rename.

Walkthrough: Amarra HiFi music player for Mac


The Amarra audiophile music player for the Mac never ceases to amaze me with its quality, but its interface may look a bit daunting to first time users. Here is a walkthrough of the interface. It will help you get to speed with Amarra 2.4.x quickly.

Mountain Lion: task management

Mountain Lion Reminders: drag a message and it will link to it

Using Mountain Lion’s Mail and Reminders, you can create a system that will alert you when something important happens. With MailTags 3.1.2 in the mix, you have yourself a complete task management system.

Quick Tip: SnapBack in Safari 6 on Mountain Lion

In Safari versions up to 5.x, there was a SnapBack button sitting at the far right in the URL bar. When you searched and clicked on a link in the results list, you could navigate further from site to site and still quickly return to your earlier search results. That button is gone in Safari 6 on Mountain Lion.

Easy Fix: Toast Titanium 11 and the Hang-at-99% bug


Toast Titanium 11.0.6 has a frustrating bug: at 99% of the burning process, the application hangs indefinitely. It’s right before the Lead-out on DVDs and Blu-Rays should start to be written. And although a DVD or Blu-Ray used as backup media will work just fine, it is a different story when using Toast to burn a movie or an audio CD or DVD.