Path Finder 6 tutorials

Path Finder 6 tutorials

Some features of Path Finder 6 aren’t all that clear-cut. Take one of all of our four (4) tutorial screencasts that show you how to use Path Finder. Covered are the sidebar, toolbar and modules, tags, and batch rename.

Walkthrough: Amarra HiFi music player for Mac


The Amarra audiophile music player for the Mac never ceases to amaze me with its quality, but its interface may look a bit daunting to first time users. Here is a walkthrough of the interface. It will help you get to speed with Amarra 2.4.x quickly.

Quick Tip: SnapBack in Safari 6 on Mountain Lion

In Safari versions up to 5.x, there was a SnapBack button sitting at the far right in the URL bar. When you searched and clicked on a link in the results list, you could navigate further from site to site and still quickly return to your earlier search results. That button is gone in Safari 6 on Mountain Lion.

Easy Fix: Toast Titanium 11 and the Hang-at-99% bug


Toast Titanium 11.0.6 has a frustrating bug: at 99% of the burning process, the application hangs indefinitely. It’s right before the Lead-out on DVDs and Blu-Rays should start to be written. And although a DVD or Blu-Ray used as backup media will work just fine, it is a different story when using Toast to burn a movie or an audio CD or DVD.

Quick Tip: Diagnose Bluetooth from the menu bar


You can diagnose your Bluetooth connection and even create a full diagnostics report using the Bluetooth System Preferences panel, but you can do the same directly from the status bar (aka menu bar) in Mac OS X Lion.