Power Manager 4.3.0 Released

Power Manager 4.3 introduces support for remote management of Macs running Power Manager. This release also improves support for Apple’s forthcoming OS X 10.10, Yosemite.

Leap Motion to bring 3-D motion control to HP devices

Leap Motion, the company that is destined to change the future of the way humans interact with computers, announced a collaboration with HP to bring 3-D motion control to unique HP devices. The relationship will start with the Leap Motion Controller bundled with select HP products and evolve to unique HP devices embedded with Leap […]

KeyCue, the keyboard shortcut cheat sheet finally takes on life in menu bar

KeyCue screenshot

Ergonis Software informed me that KeyCue 6.4, a new version of the company’s keyboard shortcut cheat sheet will finally live in the OS X menu bar. KeyCue is a handy tool for learning and remembering keyboard shortcuts. Whenever the Command key is held down for a while, KeyCue displays a table with all keyboard shortcuts available in the currently active application, system-wide hotkeys, as well as key combinations for triggering macros in Keyboard Maestro, QuicKeys and iKeys.

PopChar 6: from character picker to font tool


Ergonis Software today released PopChar X 6.0, a major new release of the company’s award-winning tool for efficiently dealing with fonts and special characters. With the new version 6, PopChar has evolved from a plain character picker to a versatile font utility which lets you make the most of your installed fonts.

Next time you see a Morgan car, think Autodesk

This is the 3-Wheeler, which Autodesk's products helped to design. Below are a couple of shots of the (concept car) EvaGT. You decide which one you like best!

Morgan Motor Company has become the latest automotive manufacturer to use Autodesk visualisation software to help accelerate time to market for new car models. Autodesk software helped Morgan to go from sketches of its new 3-Wheeler model to first production in just five months and to meet early deadlines for marketing material before the car was actually produced.