Review: MailTags 3, turning Mail into an Information Manager

MailTags 3 for Apple Mail

Apple Mail isn’t a bad email client, but it lacks a few features that can help manage email and help you see what is important and what isn’t. MailTags is the only plug-in that not only delivers this kind of functionality, but also integrates well with Apple Mail and with plug-ins like Mail Act-On and Mail Perspectives.

Review: Mail Archiver X

The interface

Archiving mail can be easy: you just store your ‘mboxes’ — which you find in your personal Library folder — somewhere offline, and you’re done. But if you archive them that way, you’ll also lose the ability to view messages and reply to them unless you re-import the messages of at least the mbox you’re interested in into Mail, and that can be a problem. If you have a lot of messages, you’ll bog down Mail and will have to remove those messages again afterwards. In one word: it’s not efficient. Mail archiving applications are the answer to the problem.

MailHub saves time interacting with Mail

MailHub's toolbar can be modified with modifier keys

MailHub is an add-on to Apple Mail. It is a plug-in that is meant to speed up your interaction with Mail, management of messages, in short: the performance of your Inbox. Initially I didn’t see the difference between MailHub and Apple Mail’s Rules, but after having used it for a couple of weeks, the difference is crystal clear: MailHub makes Mail a lot more efficient than you can ever make it by using Rules only. MailHub actually saves a lot of time and aggravation.